Ohio-based youth program Think Make Live Youth goes virtual


Think Make Live Youth, a Columbus, OH-based youth organization, aims to “provide innovative leadership and civic engagement programs to support opportunity youth.” The organization began under the leadership of Terry Green after a presentation he created at The Ohio State University. Since the creation of Think Make Live Youth, hundreds of youth have been served through various programming which addresses mental health, financial literacy, ending the school to prison pipeline, and community and civic engagement. Terry serves on the Supreme Court of Ohio Subcommittee on Responding to Child Abuse, Neglect, and Dependency, partners with Opportunity Youth United on initiatives in Central Ohio, and has received a number of accolades for his work, including the YouthBuild USA Outstanding Commitment to Leadership and Social Justice Award.

Think Make Live Youth’s work relies on strong relationships among program staff, volunteers, and youth. And that work has certainly been impacted by the stay-at-home orders for COVID- 19. In a matter of weeks, the program has had to shift its operations to virtual connecting and learning using a variety of digital tools. One of those tools is gamified goal-setting software by Ascend.

ABC6 News Think Make Live Youth

ABC6 Newsn in Columbus, OH featured Think Make Live Youth summer virtual programming in April 2020

The Ascend software platform will enable Think Make Live Youth to take its summer program curriculum virtual. The software features a youth-focused user interface for personal goal setting and the ability to accept “challenges” hosted by Think Make Live Youth. The administrative interface will allow Think Make Live Youth staff to not only create those challenges but also track student progress and personal goals. Lastly, youth can invite program staff and other mentors to support them in their goal-setting, creating a “digital village of support.”

“We’ll be able to …reduce the number of young people who do not have anything to do. Providing an opportunity for young people to actually be inside the community and really be able to give back,” said Green in an interview with Rodney Dunigan of ABC 6 in Ohio of their spring and summer programming. And Think Make Live Youth has already done just that. Its early response to the coronavirus outbreak included rallying youth to coordinate and distribute hand sanitizer and a resource booklet to communities in need. The remainder of their summer programming will include activities to ensure youth are staying mentally healthy, physically active, and on track with career and college preparation through resume building, personality assessments, and more. 

Find out more about Think Make Live Youth at www.thinkmakeliveyouth.org, or reach out directly to info@thinkmakeliveyouth.org.


About Ascend

Ascend is a student empowerment platform that enables schools, youth programs, and mentoring organizations to cultivate, track, and measure student goals and achievement. Ascend is proud to be a minority and woman-owned business and supports organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, and beyond.