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White Paper: The “College and Career Ready” Divide

“Career and College Ready” is a phrase those familiar with K-12 education likely hear on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But what exactly does “Career and College Ready” mean? How is it measured? And how can educators, mentors, and parents ensure that their child is...

White Paper: Is Your Student Goal-Setting Growth-Minded?

The growth mindset brought to rise by Carol Dweck, Ph.D., propels the concept that effort and dedication lead to success, not innate intelligence or talent. In this white paper, we explore the relationship between goal-setting and growth mindset and how students...

White Paper: More Than a Game

Educators and parents nationwide struggle with motivating students to stay engaged in their academics or achieving behavioral outcomes. But what if we meet students where they are— on their phones, likely playing a game— and put achievement in their hands? By...

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