Steve Smith Family Foundation sponsors college scholarships for teens at home


The Steve Smith Family Foundation sponsored college scholarships for Challenge Accepted!, a free program for teenagers by Ascend, maker of gamified goal-setting software. Ascend began offering a free version of its platform, usually offered to students through schools or mentoring organizations, in response to school closures due to the Covid- 19 outbreak.

“We’re grateful for the Steve Smith Family Foundation for their generous sponsorship to support college scholarships for Challenge Accepted! participants. Sponsorships like these can help us assist more teens in fulfilling their goals for higher education,” said Ascend Co-founder and CEO Reg Gabriel. 

The Steve Smith Family Foundation was founded by former NFL player Steve Smith Sr. and his family. Their initiatives promote domestic violence awareness as well as family health and wellness. The foundation began in Charlotte during Smith’s time with the Charlotte Panthers and expanded to Baltimore when Smith began working with the Baltimore Ravens.

“Supporting teens and families at home during this time of uncertainty and disruption to education is aligned with our mission at the foundation,” said Steve Smith Sr. “I’m happy to be a sponsor of these scholarships through the Steve Smith Family Foundation, as I think it’s vital for teens to stay mentally and physically active, especially during a time when it’s easy (and tempting) to simply watch tv or play video games all day, or get involved in activities that are detrimental to the health of themselves and their families.”

Teens ages 14 and older can participate in Challenge Accepted! by visiting and registering for an account. The program allows students to earn points for completing short challenges at home, such as touring a museum online, learning to code for one hour, and cooking a meal for their family. The more points teens earn, they increase their chances to win a $500 college scholarship.