Social-Emotional Learning

Infuse communication and collaboration skills into student lives.

Goal-setting and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) are a natural pairing. Through goal-setting, students can learn self-regulation, build relationship skills, and refine their decision making. They can also set goals toward these individual efforts. In fact, 25% of non-academic goals that are set through Ascend fall into the category of SEL.


Manage & Motivate

25% of student goals in Ascend relate to emotional regulation,organizational skill improvement, and positive habit creation.

  • Provide students with a platform to document their goals, organize the actions they need to take to achieve those goals, and maintain motivation and focus. 
  • Empower student advocates with a tool to guide students through goal creation and task management.
  • Enlighten administrators with trends in student goals

Relationship Skills

It Takes a Village

By building a digital village of supportive advocates, students learn communication skills and when and how to ask for help, which are crucial skills for building a social network and social capital.

  • Connect students with mentors, teachers, family, and peers through the platform to help keep them accountable and so they know who to communicate with when they need help.
  • Check-in on goal progress, ask students where they need support, and provide encouragement.
  • View connections across student groups, and identify gaps in support to pull in the necessary resources.

Responsible Decision-Making

A Framework for Success

Ascend provides students with a structure and framework through which to reflect on the hurdles, progress, and successes that come with working toward a challenging goal.

  • Provide students with a tool to reflect upon what worked and what didn’t to better plan for future goals. 
  • Give student advocates a deeper understanding of what progress a student has made, so they can more easily prompt the student with reflective discussion.
  • Create group challenges for specific goals and better understand the themes and trends in student goals, goal progress, and reflection.

What Our Students Say

I think goal setting is an important mindset in terms of how to approach a problem in chunks. And now I set my own goals, especially on things I can directly control, like turning in assignments before the deadline…And I work with my professors in a similar way to how I worked with my teachers while using [Ascend].

Former Ascend User

Charlotte, NC

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