Ascend in Schools

Teachers and counselors use Ascend to support college and career readiness initiatives and social emotional learning (SEL) plans. With Ascend, students are engaged in creating the short and long term goals that build their futures, step by step.


SMART Goals for Bright Futures

Students create SMART goals that align with classroom syllabi, their personal aspirations, or both. Ascend prompts students to think about why they want to work toward their goals and what steps they will take to achieve them to improve critical thinking, self-awareness, self-management, and responsible decision making.

Relationship Building

Communication and Collaboration

Students are encouraged to invite teachers, counselors, coaches, or other mentors to advise and support them in their goal setting. These student advocates can use Ascend to track student goals, follow goal progress, and build deeper connections with students. Students learn relationship building, networking, and social awareness skills as they work with their advocates toward their goals.


College & Career Readiness

Ascend’s college and career modules help students discover their strengths, explore career options, and create short term goals that can help them achieve their long term plans, including academic goals, extra-curricular activity goals, volunteering goals, behavioral goals, and more.

What Our Students, Parents, and Educators Say

Ascend inspired me to set goals on things I thought were impossible for me. I raised my GPA 0.6 points- from a 3.4 to a 4.0.


Charlotte, NC

Ascend was easy to use. My son was motivated to do well. I was worried about his grades and his future, and now I know he’s going to college.


Charlotte, NC

The student engagement and outcomes have been impressive to witness. We’ve seen students raise Cs and Ds to As and Bs in a single semester.


Charlotte, NC

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