Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs use Ascend to engage youth and their mentors in setting, tracking, and achieving actionable goals.

Data & Insights

Transparent, trackable impact

Access real-time metrics on program engagement and outcomes.

  • Easily report on program progress and outcomes to funding partners and stakeholders.
  • Identify youth needs, program gaps, and future program opportunities for program managers and development team members.
  • Retain and attract mentors through individual progress and outcome reports.

SMART Goal-Setting

A template for success

Adopt SMART goal-setting practices with ease.

  • Work with youth to set goals that align with their academic work, extracurricular aspirations, behavioral needs, and more. 
  • Create program-specific challenges with specific tasks for youth to complete. Youth can provide updates to mentors on their progress and upload proof of completion within Ascend.
  • Develop short-term goal-setting habits that lead to long-term success.
  • Improve self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and responsible decision making among youth.

Build & Monitor Relationships

Safe, outcome-driven connections

Foster a digital community for youth, mentors, and families.

  • Meet youth where they are– on their mobile devices.
  • Allow parents and organization staff to serve as subscribers to goal progress and communication.
  • Facilitate and monitor mentor-mentee communication for youth safety and program adherence.

What Our Youth Say

My mom was a big advocate, and I also worked with my teachers. Even though they weren’t formal advocates in Ascend, I considered my peers my advocates, too. I moved right before high school, so I had to get to know a lot of people during this time, but I went from being a student who just showed up every day because that’s what I was supposed to do, to going to school because I wanted to succeed. And Ascend played a big role in that. It builds a feedback loop.

Youth User

Charlotte, NC

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