You know what goal you’d like to set, but how are you going to get there? Leveling up your goal means creating a plan that increases the likelihood of achieving it. By creating a strategic action plan, building a dream team, and challenging yourself, you’ll be successfully working toward your goals in no time.


Create a Strategic Action Plan

Create an action plan that outlines how you will achieve your goal. List what actions you will take and what milestones you will need to hit in order to achieve your goal.

Example: Let’s say our friend Conor is really good at math, but he wants to bump his C in English to a B in order to boost his GPA before applying to colleges. Conor’s strategic action plan might look like this:

  • Set aside Tuesday and Thursday nights to complete my English reading and homework.
  • Read through the instructions on each homework assignment and project carefully to make sure I’m not missing any part of the assignment and that I turn it in on time.
  • Work with a friend or tutor to help me with grammar and spelling on my homework and papers.
  • Conor’s milestones include getting an A- average on his weekly homework, a B average on his papers throughout the semester, and a B on his final project, to result in an overall grade of a B.


Build a Dream Team

Create a dream team to support you along the way. Think about what kind of help you need to achieve your goal and what people in your life can provide you with that help. 

Example: Our friend Conor wants to improve his grade in English. He thinks about who in his life can help him improve this grade:

  • Conor tells his English teacher about his goal. She is thrilled! She tells him that she is available for after school help on certain days of the week. She also provides him with a few resources he can use on his own and offers to help him find a tutor.
  • With his teacher’s help, Conor asks an upperclassman named Chloe to be his English tutor. She is an AP student and plans to study English when she goes to college next year. She is excited to help Conor improve his grade because she likes helping other people and can count the tutoring as volunteer hours.
  • Conor shares his goal with his mother, who tells him that George, the friendly retired man who lives next door, used to be an English teacher. George is happy to discuss literature with Conor, and to cheer him along as he works toward his goal.


Challenge Yourself

If your goal is too easy, well, there really isn’t a point to setting it, is there? If it’s too difficult, it might seem unattainable and you may get discouraged. But if your goal is just challenging enough, you’ll be excited to work toward it. 

Example: Conor has achieved his initial goal of getting a B in English, and it’s time to set a goal for the next semester. He realized that one of the primary reasons he previously struggled in English was because he wasn’t devoting time toward getting his homework done completely or on time. For this coming semester, Conor has set a goal of getting an A in English. While it will be challenging, he thinks he can get there by putting time and effort toward this class, and continuing to receive help from his support team.



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