Having trouble getting started setting your first goal in Ascend? Check out the example goals below for inspiration.

Academic Goals

If you are struggling in a certain subject, feeling stuck or bored in a subject that comes easily to you, or you just need help focusing on a specific class to improve your GPA, set an academic goal.

Example: Joy is struggling with her math grade, but wants to improve her GPA so she can get into a college of her choice. She sets a goal to bump her B- in math to an A-. She plans to get there by setting aside Wednesday nights for extra studying and asking her friend Katie to tutor her. Joy also knows that doing math feels painful for her, so to keep her motivated, she’s asked her mom for a reward. If Joy gets an A-, she and her mom will take a trip to the mall at the end of the semester to buy Joy a new pair of shoes.

Extracurricular Goals

If you’re involved in athletics, band, theater, or another after school group, you can set a goal to improve your performance.

Example: Mike would like to make the varsity track team this year, so he wants to improve his endurance and time for long-distance runs. He makes a goal to shave one minute off of his mile time by the end of the semester by creating a running and conditioning schedule for each week. His friend and teammate Darian is also interested in decreasing his time, so they work together on this goal and have a friendly competition over who can run faster by the end of the semester.

Healthy Habit Development

If you’re constantly feeling stressed or want to develop healthier eating or exercise habits, consider creating a goal toward healthy habits.

Example: Cory often feels stressed, which is impacting his grades, athletic performance, and relationships. He decides to begin a 30-minute yoga and meditation practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays before bed to help calm his nerves so he can spend more time and energy focusing on his academics, athletics, and the people around him. Cory’s dad is also interested in learning more about meditation, so the two keep each other on track with practicing each week.

Once you’ve set your first goal, learn how to level up your goal.



About Ascend

Ascend is a student empowerment platform that enables schools and mentoring organizations to cultivate, track, and measure student goals and achievement. Ascend is proud to be a minority and woman-owned business and supports students through schools and mentoring organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, and beyond.