College and Career Readiness

Ensure students are prepared to pursue their future with curiosity, courage, and committment.

Academic Success

Making the Grade

Ascend enables student-centered tracking by providing a space for them to self-track their GPA and set goals in the areas that they want to improve upon.

  • Students can track GPA and test scores, in addition to setting class-specific goals. Students who have used Ascend to set academic goals have seen a 12% increase in GPA over the course of just one semester.
  • Advocates can challenge students to set higher or more realistic goals, help students devise a task plan to achieve their goals, and hold them accountable for proof of academic task completion and goal achievement.
  • Administrators can gain an understanding of subjects or areas in which students are striving to improve.

Task Management

Tracking To-Dos

Whether a student is on a path toward a college or the workforce, the checklist of tasks to complete prior to high school graduation can be daunting. Ascend makes it easier to keep track of those tasks for students and their advocates.

  • With Ascend, students can have a checklist of the tasks they need to finish prior to taking their next step, such as filling out the FAFSA, taking the SAT or ACT, and submitting applications to the schools of their choice.
  • Advocates can provide students with task lists and see the documentation of which tasks have been completed and which have not.
  • Administrators can easily create goals and task lists for groups of students, so they know which tasks have been completed by which students, and which students need more support.

Leadership & Experience

Whole Student Success

Students are more than just their GPA. To support the whole student, goals can be set in the areas of extracurricular activities, volunteering, health, financial savings, and more.

  • Students can set goals in any area of their life so they can be encouraged to develop a sense of ownership and leadership toward the things they care about the most.
  • Advocates can easily support students by helping them to develop action plans on achieving any goal and systematically providing encouragement through the platform.
  • Administrators can gain insights into areas in which students are working on to identify trends or resource gaps.

What Our Students and Educators Say

Ascend inspired me to set goals on things I thought were impossible for me. I raised my GPA 0.6 points- from a 3.4 to a 4.0.


Charlotte, NC

The student engagement and outcomes have been impressive to witness. We’ve seen students raise Cs and Ds to As and Bs in a single semester.


Charlotte, NC

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