Sponsor a Scholarship

During this hectic and disruptive time for students, parents, and educational leaders, our team at Ascend is working to do our part in maintaining student engagement in positive, healthy activities through the chance to win college scholarships through simple but engaging activities they can do at home. You can help by providing funding for scholarships or program operations.

What is Challenge Accepted!?

Free Program For Students

  • Challenge Accepted! is a way for students ages 14+ to get rewarded for completing simple challenges they can do while at home, ranging from completing a Khan Academy coding course to cooking a new recipe or developing a new skill. 
  • Through the completion of small goals they can complete throughout their days, students earn points that give them the chance to win money for college scholarships.

How to Get Involved

Scholarship Support

  • Ascend will be giving away college scholarships throughout the duration of the Challenge Accepted! program.
  • Scholarships are currently $500 each and are distributed to students through a recognized state-sponsored, tax-deferred 529 Investment National College Savings Program, to the winner’s established 529 Investment Educational IRA, or to an accredited school in the name of the winner. What is a 529?
  • You can help by sponsoring scholarships for $500 or more. Please reach out to info@ascendgoals.com to connect with our team.

How to Get Involved

Program Support

  • Ascend is also accepting funding to sponsor program operations, which include software development, creation of learning-focused challenges, scholarship logistics, marketing, and public relations.
  • If you would like to sponsor program operations for Challenge Accepted!, please reach out to info@ascendgoals.com to connect with our team.

Example Challenges

Write a decorative note of gratitude to a friend or mentor, or craft a letter to the elderly to support Love for the Elderly.

I feel humbled after sending thank you notes to some of the most important people in my life. They have had great effects on my success and well being, but I do not always stop to show them that appreciation. This challenge was wonderful because it allowed me to step out of the fast pace of life and think about all the amazing people that I am lucky to have around me.

Student, Challenge: Notes of Gratitude

Try a new recipe with the foods you have at home to cook a nutritious meal for yourself or your family. 

I chose to make hamburgers because I wanted to do something simple that I would have to grill. I wanted my dad to teach me the best way to grill things. I would not change how I made it. I’m very proud of this dish because my little brother who doesn’t like anything even liked it.

Student, Challenge: Cook a Meal For Your Family

My favorite piece was the boots worn by Seba Johnson. I didn’t know there had been a black female skier in the Olympics! Skiing is one of my favorite activities and I just got a new pair of boots and wow they look different than the ones from 1988.

Student, Challenge: Tour the National Museum of African American History & Culture