Ascend launched a pitch competition within the local chapter of Girls Who Code at Mallard Creek High School on Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

Director of School and Student Success Missi Rossi visited Mallard Creek High School to lead the school’s Girls Who Code participants in a design-thinking workshop on goal-setting, the college search process, and career planning. The girls then broke off into teams to create a mobile app design that would support and guide students through the process of choosing a career pathway and finding post-secondary education options.

“These are the types of problems that Ascend is designing solutions for, and it’s a great opportunity for students to think through the types of challenges that our team does on a daily basis, to gain experience in product design, and to share their own knowledge and expertise as students going through these processes right now.”

The students will be expected to adhere to a list of criteria that includes their proposed design, but also their presentation skills. “Pitching is a huge part of my weekly responsibilities as a startup founder,” said Christine Nicodemus, Co-founder and COO of Ascend, “it’s important to not only create a great product, but to also be able to communicate about the product to the variety of audiences that we speak to– prospects, investors, and users.”

The pitch competition will take place next semester when three judges from the local tech industry will select a winner.


About Ascend
Ascend is a student empowerment platform that enables schools and mentoring organizations to cultivate, track, and measure student goals and achievement. Ascend is proud to be a minority and woman-owned business and supports students through schools and mentoring organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, and beyond.