Ascend announces the addition of three key leaders to its team. CEO Reg Gabriel will be joined by Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Christine Nicodemus, Chief Technology Officer Ted Piecora, and Director of School and Student Success Missi Rossi. 

“Our team is growing, with the shared goal to create a generation of students that are empowered to pursue their goals with curiosity, courage, and commitment,” said CEO Reg Gabriel. Gabriel is a lifelong technologist with a full career at IBM, where he specialized in data security. He founded Ascend after his experience with finding a way to motivate his son. He has been working with students and administrators at Ascend since 2012. 

Christine Nicodemus, COO, worked in product management at two of Charlotte’s leading tech startups before joining Ascend. She finished top of her business school class at Wake Forest while studying mathematical business. She is an active volunteer in local schools.

CTO Ted PIecora worked as a Director of Engineering at the largest technology company in the Charlotte region before joining Ascend. He is known for full-stack engineering and implementing cloud architecture.

Missi Rossi, Director of School and Student Success, has a decade of experience in integrated marketing-communications and client management. While obtaining her Master’s degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota, she focused on student usage of technology to invoke behavior change.

“We’re building a team of caring and experienced technology professionals that are dedicated to finding unique solutions to engage students in a purposeful journey toward a successful future,” said Gabriel, “our hope is to expand the Ascend footprint beyond our presence in the Southeast, so that all students can be inspired to improve their academic and behavioral performance.”

About Ascend

Ascend is a student empowerment platform that enables schools and mentoring organizations to cultivate, track, and measure student goals and achievement. Ascend is proud to be a minority and woman-owned business and supports students through schools and mentoring organizations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Texas, and beyond.