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Engage students in their social and emotional learning with education's leading SEL assessment software combined with the power of goal-setting
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One platform for educators, students, mentors, and parents

Ascend helps schools and out-of-school-time programs launch social-emotional learning, career and college readiness, and educational programs digitally. Through the Ascend platform, schools and youth programs can:


Deliver program content


Track student progress,


Monitor mentor, teacher, and parent engagement, and


Evaluate program outcomes

As we review camper reflections in Ascend, one of the things we’ll be doing is identifying what parts of the program resonated with them the most, and depending upon what those were, we’ll build specific content around it for future programming. And when we meet new potential sponsors or donors, we can outline for them how many kids participated, and what content resonated with them.

Lana Truese

Director of Operations and Communications, Sports Biz Camps

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Social-Emotional Learning

Measure student social-emotional competencies, capture student voice, and monitor student goal-progress through our partnership with Aperture Education, home of the DESSA.

Career & College Readiness

Create challenges to engage and prepare students for their futures. Monitor student progress on resumes, standardized test preparation, and more.

Educational Camps & Programs

Deliver program content through a student-friendly platform. Track student progress on program challenges and evaluate program results.

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Engage all stakeholders in student success

Parents, mentors, counselors, and teachers can join a student’s Support Team to:


Monitor student progress,


Encourage students, and


Help students with personal goals and task management

Ascend allows my students and I to have important conversations about what they want to accomplish. It provides a platform for the student’s entire support team to get on the same page in terms of what we’re trying to achieve.


Record student goals, milestones, and accomplishments

Ascend software is a digital mirror to in-person teen programming, including:


A personal goal-setting module,


A digital Support Team, so mentors, teachers, and parents can monitor and support student progress,


Space to track GPA, test scores, and post-graduation plans, and


A strengths assessment and career pathway tool

In our generation, a lot of students are disillusioned with higher education. People might not want to do something really cool because of how big and stressful it might seem. But goal setting in Ascend helps break those big things down into smaller pieces. And it’s really helped me.


Charlotte, NC

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