Adapt and scale youth programming

Improve efficiency, increase transparency in program outcomes, and scale programming to reach and serve more youth.

Connect mentors and track results

Ascend uniquely engages mentees, mentors, and program administration through one platform

Build the social-emotional skills needed for success

Cultivate self-management and decision-making skills through the framework of goal-setting

Ensure students are career and college ready

Track academic improvement, volunteering, extracurricular activities, and interests through one platform

Goal-Setting and Achievement Software

Ascend helps schools and mentoring organizations set student goals, track student progress, and measure program outcomes. It’s the only goal-setting platform that uniquely serves each stakeholder in the goal-setting process: program administration, mentors, and students. 

Ascend has been used to:


Build impactful mentor-mentee relationships


Support social-emotional learning (SEL) initiatives, and


Help students reach their career and college readiness goals

In our generation, a lot of students are disillusioned with higher education. People might not want to do something really cool because of how big and stressful it might seem. But goal setting helps break those big things down into smaller pieces. And it’s really helped me.


Charlotte, NC

How Ascend Software Works


Students create goals that align with their future plans. Goals can focus on academics, behavior change, mental health, athletics, finances, literacy, and more.

Social Capital

Students invite parents, family members, teachers, counselors, peers, or mentors to help them achieve their goals. They can communicate in real-time about goal progress and completion.

Data & Insights

Administrators can measure program success and outcomes as well as identify students who may need additional support.

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