Ascend for Schools

Students, teachers, counselors, and parents work together on student goals with Ascend.

Ascend for Mentoring Organizations

Mentors work with mentees to set, track, and achieve goals.

Motivate Students to Achieve Academic and Behavioral Goals

Ascend gamified goal setting software motivates students to improve their grades and career readiness. Through Ascend, students partner with their families, teachers and mentors to:


Set goals


Develop critical thinking and soft skills


Explore strengths, motivations, interests


Discover potential career paths

 [Ascend] inspired me to set goals [on things] that I thought were impossible for me. I raised my GPA from a 3.4 to a 4.0. I would share [Ascend] with all of my classmates.


Student, Olympic High School, Charlotte, NC

How Ascend Software Works

Goal Setting

Students create goals that align to their future plans. Goals can focus on academics, behavior change, athletics, literacy, and more. Students and their parents or mentors discuss incentives to reward goal achievement.

Student Support

Students invite parents, family members, teachers, counselors, or mentors to help them achieve their goals. They can communicate in real-time about incentive negotiation, goal progress, and goal completion.

Data & Insights

Gain visibility into student post-high school plans, goals, and social support networks, so you and your staff can plan and execute on interventions for student achievement or support gaps.

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